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Jackson County 4-H Horse Information (redirected from FrontPage)

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  Jackson County 4-H Horse 

Welcome! The purpose of this website is to provide horse information for our members in the Jackson County Oregon 4-H Horse program.
Jackson County 4-H Horse Leader's Meetings are held monthly (except December and August) in the OSU Extension Office, Medford. Unless required to change           
For questions or corrections please email Andrea at Andrea.Cordova102106@gmail.com
2022-2023 4-H YEAR
Welcome to a new year. As we receive information, we will update this page. Please check back regularly.
September End of Year here September End of Year here
October here October here
November here November here
December No meeting December No meeting
January here January here
February here February here
March here March here
April here April here
May here May here
June here June here
Horse Leader By-Laws here
General Rules and Fair Class description here 
2023 Hore Leaders Activities (Bold and Underlined is the next event or updates)
All Parent Meeting - February 13, 2023 @6p - Jackson County OSU Extension Office
Winter Judging Live Competition with class Explanations- January 22, 2023 Live classes start @ 1:30 - Reese Creek Ranch - Study Horse Project Book pages 95-114 and all the Hunt Seat/Jumper Manual
Showmanship Clinic w/Master Showmanship - February 26, 2023 - Barker and Kraus
Enrollment to participate at County Fair (No Exceptions)
Declarations - April 10, 2023 - OSU Extension Office - Form
Spring Judging - April 10, 2023 - OSU Extension Office 
Kids Choice Show (trail) - April 29, 2023 - Isola
Leaders Open Show - May 20, 2023 - Barker and Kraus
Fair Registration (No Exceptions)
Document Check (record books, advancements, etc. (See below)) for Fair Registration - June 12, 2023 - OSU Extension Office
Pre-Fair - June 24, 2023 - Isola
Dressage and Jumping Fair Competition - June 25, 2023 - Isola
Fair Judging - July 9, 2023 -Isola
Fair - July 9-15, 2023 - Isola - as of now
What you will need for Document check from Fair Registration
Checklist - For document check on June 15, 2022, 4p-7p by Leaders at the 4-H Extension Office
Working 4-H Horse records - for all horses listed on the Horse Entry Form. Records are not close out until the end of the 4-H year September 30, 2022.
Jackson County Horse Records Here
Oregon State Horse Records Here
Horse Advancement Steps Site  
All incoming members will use the new advancements.
All current members will not have to redo any steps you already have done in the original advancement book.
ALL members who want to compete at fair will need to complete fully the relevant categories below, Identification and Skills advancements with their current age division. We are also looking for a work in progress for the next level.
     Level 1 Juniors
     Level 2 Intermediates
     Level 3 Seniors
ALL Members who want to do Trail must pass the Trail Advancements.
ALL members who want to do Jumping must pass the Jumping Advancements. Trot a Pole riders do not have to complete this advancement.
ALL Members who want to do DRIVING must pass the Driving Advancements.
ALL members who want to do GAMING must pass the Gaming Advancements
ALL members who want to do RANCH HORSE events must pass the individual Ranch Horse advancements. Jackson County only offers Working Ranch Horse at this time. You can compete at other counties that offer the other events to qualify for State Fair.
Proof of show document - if you did not attend an event provided by Jackson County 4-H Horse Board (Showmanship Clinic, Field Day, or Pre-Fair) with your show horses.
Below are the documents required if applicable
Jumping Consent Form here (pdf) Here
Note from Vet if your horse has special accommodations.
Medication and Supplement Declaration here 
     More than one member can be add per form 
Variance Form here - If needed something considered outside the deadlines and rules. This will be in direction of the Horse Board.
Things for Fair
Fair schedule here
Fair Patterns here
Dressage links
Western Dressage | US Equestrian (usef.org)
Owner Trained Score Sheet here
Ground Training Score Sheet here
Stall Assignments - Here Updated 6/25/2022
Versatility Form Due Last Day of 4H Show by Noon here
Spirit Award Nomination Form Due the same day as Showmanship by Noon here  
Criteria for fair awards here
Arena Safety info here
Things to bring to Fair list
OSU Jackson County Extension
4-H Manuals every club should have available: Click=>List 
PNW 4-H Horse Contest Guide
4-H Horse Project Manual
4-H Horse Judging Manual
Oregon 4-H Ranch Horse Manual
Oregon 4-H Ranch Horse Contest Guide
4-H Driving Manual
4-H Dressage Manual
Hunt Seat and Jumper Manual: Learning to Jump with Your Horse
Horse: E.L. "Dad" Potter Horsemanship Award:
4-H Horse Project leader's Guide
Oregon Policy Manual
Free Breeding Application 4-H mare here
Homemade First Aid recipes for your horse
Illnesses and Injury
Thank you for visiting.

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